Piccadilly Eco-Leder

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Waarom maakt Piccadilly gebruik van eco vriendelijk leder? Maak kennis met de voordelen van dit high-tech materiaal.

Eco vriendelijk leder voordelen

  • -  Latest generation technology material: exclusive class A eco friendly leather imported from Italy. High class look and high quality finish.

  • -  Multifunctional: combining softness and durability, eco friendly leather is very comfortable and does not deform.

  • -  Lightweight: resistant and extremely light material weighting less than a third of leather, increasing comfort while walking.

  • -  Versatility: it can be treated with many colors and textures such as snake, crocodile, etc.

  • -  Ecological: no animal is killed in its manufacture and all its residue can be reprocessed and reused.

  • -  Thermal comfort: the material helps prevent cold or heat entering the shoe, being a thermal insulator.

  • -  Breathability: allows feet to breathe and prevents moisture buildup.

  • -  Antimicrobial and bacteriostatic: the material receives treatments that ensure feet hygiene and health.

  • -  Waterproof: prevents water from entering the shoe. Does not stain the feet or stockings. 

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